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Bridal Lehenga Shop in Kamla Nagar



Bridal Lehenga Shop in Chandni Chowk

For an Indian bride, the bridal lehenga are probably the most preferred bridal trousseau as it exudes traditional yet modern look altogether. Indian wedding dress styles and the wedding functions are as diverse as the people of the country. So it’s very important for the bride to make sure that their classy bridal outfits are glistening, scintillating pieces that will help them be the cynosure of all eyes. For that they can choose from tonnes of options- from traditional bridal lehenga to designer bridal lehenga, bridal saree, gown, salwar kameez and many others.

Every brides want to to wear different and interesting wedding lehenga on her wedding night. At Neet Paradise, you will get a decent range of trendy and chic Bridal Lehenga in Chandni Chowk, gowns, salwar kameez and bridal collection for your D Day as well as for the pre-wedding functions. So, if you are soon going to be a bride, shop for Bridal Collection in Chandni Chowk. Neet paradise is the best destination for all your ethnic wear shopping requirements. We are wholesale dealer of wedding clothes like : Bridal lehenga, Non-bridal lehenga, Gown, Suit, Saree etc. You will find latest variety of cloths of popular designer’s at our shop. 

What is Lehenga and Different types of Lehengas Designs

Lehenga is a very popular traditional cloth for ladies in India. A lehenga is like a long skirt type cloth widely famous for engagement and wedding occasion throughout in Indian culture. See our collection of lehengas here. The lehenga hangs from the waist leaving the lower back and midriff bare. It is paired with choli with duppatta.

Different powers come in India and bring their cultural values at here. Due to this you can see a wide range of things in Indian culture, traditions and wearing styles. In Indians culture you can see lots of styles of garments, like Saree, Lehnga Choli, Salwar Kameez and modern dresses. Today we’ll present you some beautiful Indian Classic Lehnga Choli styles. These all are lovely styles in accordance with the modern fashion techniques. Lets have a brief look to the design and patterns. All following Indian Classic Lehnga Choli dresses with modern styles has same and distinctive type of pattern and styles. 

The colour scheme is different and you may choose at your very own choice. Each one of these Indian Classic Lehnga Cholis have Classic old type Lehnga patterns with beautiful embroidered long Choli styles. All styles have heavy embroidery work and one can be worn at wedding parties and even can use as bridal dress. Here we’ve different styles of traditional Indian Classic Lehnga Choli dresses. All of the dresses have short Choli patterns with various kinds of neck and sleeve styles. One can select Lehnga Choli for all events. Lehnga patterns are in different styles like, simple, fish cut, umbrella and straight fit. If you are planning to buy best designer wedding lehenga in chandni chowk visit our shop at 149, Katra Nawab, chandni chowk today.

Motif and Zari work on these gorgeous Indian Classic and Cultural Lehnga Choli dresses gives fancier look to the dresses which also made them effective for party wear dresses. Almost all these designs of Indian Classic Lehnga Cholis can wear in wedding parties. Round shape neck style with short sleeves cholis are really looking nice and the dress is really superb. Describing one by one all of these designs really hard and doesn’t describe inside the boundaries of this short article. Colors have their vital role in Indian culture, thats why Indian people use varieties of colour combination in their clothes. 

Particularly in their cultural, old and classic types of garments the designers use beautiful colour schemes. This Indian Classic Lehnga Choli 2011-12 also has beautiful colour scheme. Designer use lots of colours to develop this Indian Lehnga Choli. Lehnga is in old classic with a beautiful design developed with the aid of beautiful colors. Choli has latest and modern type of outfit have the long-sleeved model with close round shape neck style. We currrently hold position of best lehenga shop in chandni chowk at cheap rate also.

Types of Lehengas you can buy in chandni chowk : 

1. Sharara cut Lehenga

A sharara cut lehenga is a wide trouser or you can say kurtis (indian word) like a lehenga also known as muslim bridal lehenga specially worn by muslim brides on their wedding. Buy Lehenga at Neet Paradise the most affodable sharara cut lehenga shop in chandni chowk.


Sharara cut Lehenga shop in chandni chowk
Sharara cut Lehenga


2. Straight Cut Lehenga

A straight cut skirt with no flare is a also a type of lehenga very popular in between women and designers. A straight cut lehenga introduce by Manish Malhotra in his runways. Checkout stunning collection of designer Lehenga at Neet Paradise best sharara cut lehenga shop in chandni chowk.


Straight Cut Non bridal Lehenga in chandni chowk
Straight Cut Non bridal Lehenga


3. Flared Lehenga

Flared lehenga is a traditional bridal lehenga and the most popular lehenga in India because of its circular design and broad flare look. Specially Indian teen girls like these lehengas the most. Visit our store today to Buy flared lehenga in chandni chowk.


non bridal lehenga in chandni chowk
Flared Lehenga


4. Mermaid Lehenga

Mermaid is a combination of half female human on upper area and half fish tail on bottom area a worldwide famous name. Mermaid lehenga looks the same as it is fitted tight till the knees and after that converts into a fish tail look. Choose the best designs of mermaid lehenga for your party occasion at neet paradise the best mermaid lehenga shop in chandni chowk.


Mermaid Lehenga shop in chandni chowk
Mermaid Lehenga


5. Panelled Lehenga

It is a very popular type of Indian bridal lehenga because it is look perfectly gorgeous. A panel length lehenga also called as circular lehenga choli is made up with fabrics with high flare volume. Buy bridal lehenga in chandni chowk at our panelled bridal lehenga shop.


Panelled Lehenga


6. A-Line Lehenga

An A-Line lehenga has a look of alphabet “A” flares wide out to the bottom with a short choli (Indian name of blouse) contains different types of stones and zari work in its ending area. If you want to wear Bridal lehenga in your cousins marriage or engagement you may choose this type of lehenga. Checkout new designs of A-line lehenga and bridal lehenga in chandni chowk at Neet Paradise shop.


A-Line Lehenga shop in chandni chowk
A-Line Lehenga


7. Crop Top Lehengas

I must say this is the most elegant type of lehenga As its name a crop top is use there in the place of choli. It is also good choice for wedding bridal lehenga. Although you may use this as a Non-bridal lehenga for your cousins or friends marriage occasion. you should see our latest crop top lehenga designs.


Crop Top Lehengas shop in chandni chowk
Crop Top Lehenga


8. Silk Lehenga

Silk is a great option use to made a lehnga. If you want to buy lehenga for home function party or on a festival occasion, you may choose silk lehenga. Buy silk designer bridal lehenga in chandni chowk.

silk bridal lehenga shop in chandni chowk
silk bridal lehenga


9. Three Piece Lehenga Choli

It is a type of Non-bridal lehenga. A three piece lehenga choli is made with velvet fabric and Net Dupatta. It is a colourful Lehenga contains great amount of zari gota work. Online get quote, buy designer three-piece lehenga in chandni chowk.


Three Piece designer bridal Lehenga
Three Piece bridal Lehenga


10. Half Saree Lehenga or Lehenga Saree (Latest Trends of Lehenga)

This is great designer invention made with combination of “Lehenga” with “Saree” looks absolutely stunning. In this combination the bottom area is lehenga and the upper area looks indian traditional saree. See these trendy collection of designer lehenga in chandni chowk at Neet Paradise (149, Katra Nawab, Chandni Chowk).

Half Saree Lehenga
Half Saree Designer bridal Lehenga


Checkout popular types of bridal lehenga with prices.

Visit our Store today to buy amazing new trends of bridal lehenga.

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