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Importance of Indian Clothing


India is a diverse nation with so many different cultures and religions. Just with so many states and religions, it has its different yet peculiar clothing as well. Indian clothing represents its diverse culture and tradition which varies across the length and breadth of the country.

The vibrant and colourful clothing of India is something that allures everyone’s attention. The Saree is one Indian dress that enjoys popularity throughout the world. It is considered as one of the most beautiful dress in the world, sensuous yet serene. It is a long piece of cloth that can be draped in so many different styles giving you a fresh feel whenever you wear it. Though it is popularly believed to be the traditional dress but with so many changes over the period of time, one can flaunt this attire anytime.

Ladies Suits or salwar kameez is also another dress form of Indian clothing. This 3 piece dress is the traditional dress of Punjab. However, with time the sense of dressing is evolved. Today salwar kameez are available in wide variety from different type of bottoms to various style of kameez. They gives you comfort and style altogether. From a wedding function to an office party, they are just perrrfect. Similarly, Lehenga or Lehanga choli is the traditional dress of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Lehenga is also the most popular choice among the girls for their D-day. It still preserves its ethnicity.

India’s women clothing might be different but its essence and beauty is same all across the country.
Ethnic Indian clothing is just one of the things that tell us how diverse India is. The traditional Indian clothes carry our age old traditions with them and make us connected to our cultural root. And the best part about Indian dresses is that you always get a lot of options to choose from according to your need, choice and occasion.